Personal Leave for Faculty and A/P

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Requests for personal leave, including Educational Leave and Leave without Pay, should be submitted by the faculty member or A/P staff member requesting the leave through the chair/director to the dean’s office. The request must include all relevant information in support of the leave request:

  • type of request;
  • reason for the request (with letter of support if applicable);
  • beginning date of request; and
  • end date of request.

Upon approval by the dean, a request for approval should be submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (via email to Clarissa Terbrak), which includes the employee's request and recommendation memos from the chair/director and dean. For faculty, one or both of the recommendation memos should include information regarding how the department/school/program will cover the faculty member’s absence.

All personal leave requests require approval at the Provost level. The Provost will issue a formal decision to the dean after the determination has been made.

Personal Leave requests are accepted for review year-round.