Professional Development Leave

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Professional Development Leave Applications

Requests for professional development leave should be submitted through the chair/director to the dean’s office using the Application for Sabbatical/Professional Development Leave form (available upon request from Clarissa Terbrak, Associate Provost for Academic Administration's office). In addition to the completed form, a current CV must be included; additional documents (letters of support, images, etc.) are optional.

Upon approval by the dean, the request should be submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (via email to Clarissa Terbrak). The submission should include the faculty member’s application form, including attachments, and recommendation memos from the chair/director and dean. One or both of the recommendation memos must include information on how the department/school/program will cover the faculty member’s absence.

All professional development leave requests provisionally approved at the Provost level require final review and ratification from the Board of Trustees. The Provost will issue a provisional recommendation to the faculty member, department, and college after review; a fully executed copy of the application or a notice of non-approval will be issued once the Board has made their determination.

Professional Development Leave requests are accepted for review year-round.

Professional Development Leave Reports

A written report summarizing what was accomplished during the leave shall be submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (via email to Clarissa Terbrak), using the Sabbatical/Professional Development Leave Report form, within six months following the completion of a professional development leave.