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The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) require institutions to maintain a practice of regular program review focused on assessment and continuous improvement.  This includes the review of centers and institutes.  The SIU System Office provides expectations and guidelines for the periodic review of centers and institutes.  The process for the periodic review are the responsibility of the campus.

These reviews are an examination of the current "state of health" of centers and institutes.  The primary documentation used for the review is the program’s self study.  The self study provides a summary of the performance measures.  It also documents changes made since the last review.  The review process affords an opportunity to determine whether the center/institute meets the expectations of the stakeholders.  It also facilitates the establishment of corrective actions necessary.  The review also provides the basis for documenting and acknowledging excellence in teaching, research, and service on our campus.

Download: Manual for Program Review of Centers and Institutes