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If a program in your college is externally accredited, the program is not required to undergo a program review.   However, the program is required to submit all reports and self studies to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs.

The following documents are essential for the review of programs:

The department chair or director is responsible for submitting the names of potential internal and external reviewers to the APAP office prior to the beginning of the Fall term of the year of the review.  In addition, the department chair or director is responsible for submitting  the self study to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, the College Dean, and the reviewers.

After the review, a report from the reviewer will be submitted to the APAP.  This report will be distributed to the Dean and the chair or director of the program under review. 

A Dean’s report/letter will be prepared in response to the reviewers’ report.  This report should be submitted within one month of receiving the review.  The Dean should schedule a meeting with the Provost and/or the APAP to discuss the findings of the review.  A final memo will be prepared by the Provost.  This memo will be the basis for a final report of all reviews to the SIU President, BOT and IBHE.

Dean’s Letter Guidelines:

In addition to the Dean’s overall summary of the review, it would be helpful if this letter provided information that is required for the IBHE Program Review Report.

  1. Description and assessment of any major changes in the program [e.g., (a) changes in the overall discipline or field; (b) student demand; (c) societal need; (d) institutional context for offering the degree; (e) other elements appropriate to the discipline in question; and (f) other].
  2. Description of major findings and recommendations, including evidence of learning outcomes and identification of opportunities for program improvement.
  3. Description of actions taken since the last review, including instructional resources and practices, and curricular changes.
  4. Description of actions to be taken as a result of this review, including instructional resource and practices, and curricular changes.