New Units of Instruction & Reasonable and Moderate Extensions

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A New Unit of Instruction (NUI) or a Reasonable and Moderate Extension (RME) is initiated by Faculty.  The required forms, which can be downloaded from the Provost’s website, originate in the department or school making the request. 

In the case of an NUI, the Dean of the College proposing a new degree program must first discuss the feasibility of a new program with the Provost.  The next step is the Notice of Intent (NOI). This notice is submitted to the IBHE by the Provost.  The NOI and NUI forms are available on the Vice President for Academic Affairs website.     

In the case of an RME, the College should initially submit the following forms to the APAP office:

At a later date, the following form will be requested after Article 9 implications have been determined:

The application should be submitted electronically to

The APAP will coordinate an informal review by the Associate Provost for Academic Administration, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Graduate Dean (if applicable).  The Associate Provost for Academic Administration will also determine whether Article 9 is applicable, and initiate notification.

The department or school making the request will receive the feedback generated from the informal review and be asked to re-submit the NUI/RME to the APAP.   Once finalized, the APAP will submit the requests to the Faculty Senate and/or the Graduate Council for approval by the Faculty.   The feedback loop will continue if additional information or changes are needed.  The APAP will also inform the College if the NUI/RME is not approved at this stage.

Once approved by the Faculty Senate and/or the Graduate Council,  the NUI/RME will be forwarded by the Provost to the Chancellor for approval, then to the President for formal approval. New programs will then be forwarded to the IBHE for final approval.

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