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One of the important steps toward offering a new degree program, a modified degree program, a minor, or a certificate involves the development and the approval of a New Unit of Instruction (NUI) or a Reasonable and Moderate Extension (RME).  The process is also used for mergers and new administrative structures. For more information contact the APAP office at 453-7653 or

The APAP office is responsible for:

  • Informal review of the NOI/NUI/RME
  • Notifying the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (APAA) of NUI/RME submission. The APAA is the point of contact for the Article 9 process.
  • Submitting the NUI/RME to Faculty Senate and Graduate Council for review
  • Submitting approved NUI/RME to SIU Systems Office via Provost and Chancellor. The SIU Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs coordinates the review and notification to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) and the Board of Trustees.
  • Notification of approval

The following forms are used in the development of NUIs and RME.

Status of current RME/NUI proposals (PDF)