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Provost’s Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Guidelines  eDossier Course Shell Request Form - Please note that the link is to a fillable PDF form that you should complete, save, and email to JP Dunn

Promotion and Tenure Workshops - Information about workshops in 2022 for Promotion and Tenure, including eDossier development

eDossier Training and Creation Guide Documents - Information for use in developing the eDossier

eDossier Templates and Format Documents - Templates and document-specific information for the eDossier, including sample eDossier

2022-2023 Deadlines To Remember

eDossier completed and submitted for Department/School Review - Varies by Department/School; check with your Chair/Director

eDossier review completed at unit level and submitted for College Review - Varies by College; check with your Dean's office

eDossier review completed at college level and submitted for University (Provost) Review - Wednesday, November 16, 2022

eDossier review completed at University (Provost) level and positive recommendations submitted for Board of Trustees Approval - March 2023 (anticipated)

Board of Trustees ratifies positive recommendations - May 2023 (anticipated)