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Accessing and Utilizing the form

The form will not open for me and I keeping getting a “Please wait...If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document.”

The form must be saved and/or opened within Adobe Reader (i.e., it cannot be opened in a web browser). If you right-click the “Download Form” link on the eForms page and "Save As", you are able to download the PDF and open it with Adobe Reader. For Mac OS: either control+click or click and hold the mouse button down on the link until the menu pops up and save as PDF.

I have tried repeatedly and cannot get the “Submit” button to create an email.

If the “Submit” button does not work on your computer, you may simply create an email and then attach all relevant documents, including the form.

I want to send my CV and my supplemental materials with my application, but I get an error about “XML forms.”

There are two options for submitting your materials:

  • Attaching each document (form, CV, and supplemental materials as applicable) to the email as separate files; or
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro (as opposed to Reader), you can create a PDF Portfolio and submit your documents as a single attachment to the email.

General Questions about the Process and Obligations

May I apply for sabbatical if I don't yet have tenure?

Faculty must hold tenureat the time the sabbatical leave is taken. A tenure-track faculty member who is standing for tenure-review in the current fiscal year may apply contingently for a sabbatical in the following fiscal year. The faculty member must check the “Eligibility for Tenure-Track Faculty” box on the Applicant's Verification of Understanding section of the application.

If my sabbatical includes working for another university or company, do I need to indicate that on the application form? Do I need to complete any additional forms? 

The University or other entity should be identified in the sabbatical plan that is part of the application. University Policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement require that sabbatical recipients who anticipate earnings from an entity other than SIUC during an approved sabbatical leave must submit a request and be approved by the Provost in advance. The Annual Disclosure of Proposed Non-University Activities and Financial Interest form is used for this purpose. 

Do I have any obligation to return to the university after I complete my sabbatical?

University Policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement require that all sabbatical recipients must return for the period of one academic year or reimburse the University for an amount of salary proportional to the length of time remaining if they serve less than a year. For example, if the sabbatical period is August 16 – December 31, 2016, the recipient must return to SIUC and serve two semesters (SP17 and FA17) in order to meet this requirement or reimburse the university for a portion of the salary costs related to the sabbatical. The application form includes a checkbox acknowledgment of this requirement.

My proposed sabbatical leave has changed, do I need to let anyone know? 

University policy requires that modifications to any approved sabbatical (e.g., dates of sabbatical, stated goals, etc.) must be approved at all levels. More information about changes can be found here. The application form includes a checkbox acknowledgment of this requirement.

Does the Board of Trustees read my full application? How is the information I submit provided to the Board? 

The Sabbatical Leave application form requires a brief abstract of the planned activities and outcomes during the proposed leave. The information from this field is provided to the Board of Trustees for review/approval and is published in the Board’s minutes. Applicants are encouraged to be succinct and to use lay-terms where possible, while also providing an appropriate level of detail about the project and the benefits that will accrue to the University. There is also a field on the application form for information related to the location of the sabbatical leave, as required by the Board.

Once I return from leave, do I have any other obligations related to my sabbatical? 

University Policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement require that all sabbatical recipients submit a written report on sabbatical activities and accomplishments. Information about the form and submission information can be found here.

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