Sabbatical Reports

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Represented Faculty are contractually obliged to write an appropriate report on sabbatical activity prior to the eighth week of the semester following the leave (see Section 15.03.g). Represented Faculty members who fail to submit their report according to the deadline will be subject to the provision related to future sabbatical requests.

Non-Represented Faculty are obligated to write an appropriate report on sabbatical activity within one semester following the termination of the leave (See University Policy section V.G.).

This report must provide a clear, professional account of sabbatical activities and accomplishments, in relation to the initial proposal and, most importantly, how they contributed to the individual's professional development. Please use the Sabbatical/Professional Development Leave Report form.

Completed reports are to be submitted to the chair/director who will confirm the report meets the required guidelines. The approved report should be submitted to the dean for approval and forwarded to the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (via email to for final processing. 

Deadlines for reports can be found in the box to the right.