College Deans And Direct Reports to the Provost

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Staff Information

Area of Direct Report Dean/Director Phone Numbe
College of Agricultural Sciences Karen Midden (Interim) 453-2469
College of Applied Sciences & Arts Andy Wang 536-6682
College of Business Terry Clark 453-3328
College of Education & Human Services Matthew Keefer 453-2415
College of Engineering John J. Warwick 453-4321
College of Liberal Arts Andrew Balkansky (Intermin) 453-2466
College of Mass Communication & Media Arts Deborah Tudor (Interim) 453-4308
College of Sciences Scott Ishman (Interim) 536-6666
Faculty Senate Jonathan Bean 453-5244
Graduate School Juliane Poock Wallace (Interim Associate Dean & Director) 536-7791
Library Affairs John Pollitz 453-3430
SIU Extended Campus Mandara Savage 453-3430
University Honors Program Joystna Kapur 453-2824
Center for International Education Andrew Carver 453-5744
Center for Teaching Excellence Karla Berry 453-2258