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  • New Program Proposals - NUI's
    • New Degree Program Forms (NUI forms are located on the Vice President's webpage)
      • Guidelines
      • Notice of Intent (Sample) **IMPORTANT** The Dean of the College of the Unit proposing a new degree program must first check with the Provost about feasibility prior to submitting a New Unit of Instruction.
  • RMEs 
    • Notice: RME's pertaining to the following will invoke Article 9 - “Program Change” - any action to initiate, merge, reduce, or eliminate an academic degree program or academic department/school or Library Affairs unit.1 For changes involving the above , please contact the APAA prior to completing the RME documents for a consult and guidance on the process.
    • Reasonable & Moderate Extension (RME) Format
      • please contact the Associate Provost 453-7653, or prior to completing the template to determine if Article 9 will apply.
    •  Accelerated masters program RME guide from the Graduate Council
    • The Approval Form for RME/NUI must accompany the RME or NUI (previously titled Approval Form for Curricular Changes)
    • Form 90A (Catalog copy) 
    • Current RME/NUI proposals Approval Status  -  If you have any further questions regarding the approval status of your program, contact Ruth Hale: or 618-453-7653
1 AGREEMENT Between the BOARD OF TRUSTEES of SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY and the SIUC FACULTY ASSOCIATION, IEA/NEA for Fiscal Years 2017-2018 Covering the Period July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018