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The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) requires each degree program be reviewed on an eight year cycle.  Exceptions to this requirement are new programs, which are reviewed three years after approval.  Degree-specific accreditations are accepted in lieu of the IBHE-mandated review provided that they are reviewed at least every eight years.  All records and correspondence concerning these accreditation activities must be on file in the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs.

These reviews are an examination of the current "state of health" of the degree programs in a department, school, or college.  The documentation used for the review is the program’s self study.  The self study provides a summary of the assessment of the student learning outcomes, changes to the curriculum resulting from the assessment, and changes the program has made since the last review.  The review process affords an opportunity to determine whether the programs meet the Faculty’s expectations and standards.  It also facilitates the establishment of corrective actions necessary to carry out the program’s strategic plan.  Program review provides the basis for documenting and acknowledging excellence in teaching, research, and service by the faculty and staff.

Self Study Report          

Every 8 Years
Due Aug 15

Assessment Plan 

Every 4 Years
Due Oct 15

Assessment Report    

Every Year
Due Oct 15