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The department or school of the program has staff that are responsible for travel and visit itineraries. 

Meeting with Administrators

The following powerpoint provides examples of questions commonly used during reviewer meetings with Campus Administrators:

Sample Reviewer Questions Powerpoint

The Report

The final report is an important document for a program under review.  In the case of a team with external and internal reviewers, an external reviewer will be charged with writing the report in consultation with the team.  In the case of an internal review, one of the reviewers will be charged with writing the report in consultation with the team. The final report should include the following elements:

Program Assessment
Classrooms, Facilities, and Laboratories
Online Programs (if applicable)
Off-Campus Programs (if applicable)
Leadership and Institutional Support

The following templates will assist reviewers in preparing their report:

Reviewers Report Template

Reviewer Report for Centers and Institutes Template

Your final report should be submitted electronically to the APAP office, within one month after the review.

The Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs is here to answer questions and to provide the resources needed to conduct the review. Our contact information is:

Telephone: 618-453-7653