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The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) require institutions to maintain a practice of regular program review including reporting on program level assessment and continuous improvement.  In order to meet this requirement, programs at SIUC submit a self study report every eight years.

The self-study should consist of the following sections:

  • Mission, goals, and student learning outcomes
  • Points of pride
    • Rankings, awards, or notable achievements
  • Overview of assessment and continuous improvement
  • Curriculum and program changes since last program review
  • Faculty
  • Research, scholarship, and creative activities
  • Report and analyze: 
    • Cost study data
    • Enrollment, graduation, and placement data
    • Online and off campus programs (if applicable)
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Facilities
Programs accredited by an accreditation body do not have to submit a self-study unless issues are identified that put them out of compliance.

Accreditation requires a range of mandated reports and communications established by the accreditation bodies.  Recognizing the variability, accredited programs are required to submit the following reports to the APAP (

  • An electronic copy of the draft self-study report (or similar document) one month prior to the date of submission; include a draft of letter of support if it is required from the Chancellor or Provost
  • An electronic copy of the final self-study report and any revisions submitted
  • An annual assessment report using the attached template;  if your accreditation body requires an annual update/report, this can be submitted in-lieu of this report.
  • Include this office on all correspondence with and from your accreditation body

Accredited programs do not need to submit a SIUC assessment plan or SIUC self-study report, since this is an integral part of a program’s report to the accreditation body.  However, the annual SIUC assessment report is required, since it provides a record of annual activities in assessment and continuous improvement.  It also keeps programs on track, while documenting the activities required in a program’s final self-study report. 

Click here to download the SIUC Self Study template