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The review of a program is based on three overarching processes: the program’s self study report, assessment plan, and assessment reports.  The Illinois Board of Education (IBHE) requires a program review every eight years.  Prior to the review, the program submits a self-study.  Assessment plans should be updated every four years (mid-cycle and as part of the self-study).  Assessment reports are submitted annually.

Programs should begin the preparation of the self study report in the spring semester prior to the academic year of the review.  Once completed, the self study report should be submitted to the academic dean and the APAP office. 

The APAP office solicits nominations for reviewers (internal and external) from the program.  These reviewers are vetted and approved through the APAP office, the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council (graduate programs only).  Once the selection of the reviewers is finalized, the program provides the reviewers with the self study.

After the review is complete, the reviewers will prepare a report, which is submitted to the APAP office.  The APAP office will forward the report to the academic dean.  The Dean will prepare a response to the report in consultation with the program chair or director.  The Dean’s response should focus on the key reporting points required by the IBHE (see Dean’s Resources).  The response will be submitted to the Provost and APAP.

The outcome of all the reviews is compiled as part of the Program Quality Assurance Report submitted annually to the Office of the President.  A compiled report of the system is submitted by the Office of the President to the Board of Trustees and IBHE.

Self Study Report    

Every 8 Years
Due Aug 15

Assessment Plan    

Every 4 Years
Due Oct 15

Assessment Report    

Every Year
Due Oct 15