Assessment Plan

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All academic degree programs are required to develop and implement a Program Level Assessment Plan unless they have external accreditation. Programs are required to submit an Assessment Plan every four (4) years.

If your program is externally accredited, you are required to submit all reports and self studies to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs.

The goal of creating an assessment plan is to facilitate continuous program level improvement. This plan provides faculty with an understanding of how their program is assessed with the ultimate goal to foster student learning.  We recognize the prerogative of programs to adopt and use the terminology of their choice.  However,  a consistent use of terminology allows us to view your assessment at an institutional level. 

The Program-Level Assessment Plan consists of the following sections:

Mission Statement – The program mission statement states the values and purpose of the program.  The program mission statement should be aligned with the university’s mission statement.

Program Goals – The program goals are general or broad statement describing the knowledge, skills or values expected of graduates from the program.  In general, these are not measurable, but can be mapped to the mission statement and the student learning outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) – Statements that describe measurable knowledge, skill or values students will achieve in their program of study.

Curriculum Map – Curriculum mapping is a method to align instruction with student learning outcomes.

Assessment Tools – Methods used to measure student learning outcomes. 

Benchmarks– Established baseline measures which indicate an acceptable level of student achievement.

Action Plan – Strategies and timelines for using assessment for program improvement.  This should include a summary of how faculty are involved in the process.

Click here to download the SIUC Assessment Plan template